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Purchasing Alliance (MLIPA)

Doctor and patient

The discounts are significant:

12.5% for Orthopaedic surgeons - Excluding spine; Orthopaedics – Office and Surgical Assisting – Excluding spine; and Orthopaedics – Office only

7.5% for Orthopaedic surgeons - Including spine or Assisting in spine surgery

Most full-time Orthopaedic Surgeons (No-Spine) would qualify for a discount of $4,939 to $9,685 per year, with a majority of the Surgeons receiving a discount of $6,586 per year. The discount dollar amounts are based on the current premiums being paid by the Surgeons. Discounts are applicable to both Permanent Protection and Claims-made policies.

The above discounts are in addition to other discounts applicable to your policy, such as Risk Management (including EMR – Electronic Medical Records, EPW – Electronic Prescription Writer), Part-time, and New Doctor discounts.

The work of the Alliance benefits all orthopaedic surgeons – putting us front and center on critical advocacy issues facing you and your practice: PIP reimbursement, out of network billing, ambulatory surgery center licensure, insurance fraud legislation. OSNJ is recognized statewide for its quality legal and lobbying counsel and our membership has benefited significantly from their expertise.

In order to qualify for the above discounts, physicians must be current members of NJOS. If you are not an NJOS Member, you can submit your  Membership Application today. Physicians must also join the OSNJ Medical Liability Insurance Purchasing Alliance, Inc. The Alliance was created in accordance with State rules and has submitted a formal filing for the discounts with the New Jersey Department of Banking & Insurance.

How can you take advantage of this discount?

Simply complete the Alliance Membership form and mail to us, with a check in the amount of $1,000.00, made payable to OSNJ Medical Liability Insurance Purchasing Alliance, Inc. The initial payment will cover membership through December 31, 2023.

  1. If you are insured with MDAdvantage and meet the program qualifications: The discounts will be automatically applied to your policy upon renewal.

  2. If you are insured with another carrier: To explore discounted rates with MDAdvantage, please mail the Alliance form with your check. You will need to apply for insurance with MDAdvantage.*
    Click here for the Alliance form or contact MDAdvantage or your broker directly.

You can contact your broker for assistance with this program.

We are very excited about this new and innovative program – designed exclusively for NJOS members. We invite you to take advantage of it today! 

Stuart J. Fischer 

*All new applicants must meet MDAdvantage underwriting criteria to be eligible for the discount. Physicians who are receiving the discount and drop below the Standard Rating tier will be given one (1) year to continue the discount. If, at the next renewal the physician is still below the Standard Rating tier, the physician will no longer receive the discount. All Medallion, Preferred and Standard rated physicians will be eligible for the discount.

If MDAdvantage declines to offer you a policy at this time, the Alliance membership fee will be refunded.


Orthopaedic Surgeons of New Jersey
Medical Liability Insurance Purchasing Alliance, Inc.

Exciting News!

New Discounts on Medical Malpractice Insurance approved 
Exclusively for Orthopaedic Surgeons of New Jersey Members!

NJOS is pleased to announce the approval of exclusive discounts for its members. The discounts are offered by MDAdvantage of New Jersey, and will be offered to current insureds and new applicants who meet their underwriting criteria. 

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